Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Police Tour - Day 3

I'm starting to think that waking up broken might just be the way I'm meant to feel. 5 hours sleep. I know I've got to to better if I am going to drive all night after the concert tomorrow. Though I am feeling very tired, I am also invigorated. There is nothing like having all work beyond your reach to make you feel like playing all day long. While Anna headed out for coffee, I sneak the phone outside and give Wendy a call while Ian sleeps. The time difference makes communication via regular phone difficult. It seems by the time I am up, Wen and the girls are gone for the day and once I am back for the night, they are asleep. As today is Sunday, I get lucky and manage to speak to her for a bit.

Ian rises from his stupor as soon as the coffee comes in the room. "I could quit if I actually wanted to," has become my favorite phrase to parrot back to him anytime he mentions needing a coffee. I can tell he regrets ever having mentioned it. We agree that we over did things with the amount of walking we had done the previous day and we resolve to do better this day. We stay in the hotel until mid-morning, reading news, blogging and just being companionable.

Anna REALLY like this earring that I found in Stanley Park, so I wore it just for her.

We set off at a more moderate pace, but I just couldn't resist the allure of climbing this building. It was just like a ladder.

The start to our days travels was not auspicious. We caught our bus with no difficulties, but when we stopped on our pass through airport terminal the driver apologized and told us we had to get off. I didn't catch why, but it seemed as though there might be mechanical problems with the bus. Perhaps my companions heard better and can post in the comments. Another bus was only minutes behind, but I was unwilling to fight for a spot in the line (can you hear the mooing and bleating?) The result was that we had a pleasant wait at the terminal which, at least had the benefit of lots of nice shrubs and flowers. A third bus did eventually show up, but as you may guess, it was extremely full after the least aggressive members of the previous bus pushed on. We were amused on our trip to Granville Island by the stylings of our bus driver. He must have been practicing for his stand-up routine in the comedy clubs during the evening cause this guy didn't shut up for 25 minutes. He pretended to be an airline pilot, a gameshow host and a stewardess. He also told a series of very topical 'crowded bus' jokes. I guess it could have been a lot worse. We could have been on the crowded bus behind us with no entertainment.

We were at the Island in time for an early lunch, and Anna was really interested in this place on the wharf called Go Fish (which is now added to my map if you have been following along). A line was already forming, though they would not open for 15 minutes, so Ian and I sat and took in the view of the boats and nearby condo's. I spotted a cool window with an antique bicycle for pedestrian viewing pleasure.

The fish was declared a huge winner. Ian cast his 'peace' vote for the fries, even though they were not certified "freedom."

After sitting through Anna's meal, I was ready to eat a horse, er, vegitari -- oh, forget it. I bought and consumed an entire pound of cherries and a slice of foccacia bread topped with tomato and Parmesan. 'Twas good.

As we ate out on the commons, there was entertainment again this day. Instead of pan-flutes and songs about pigeons, we were treated to the comedic acrobatics of Stacey and Tracey. They were from Australia and really quite funny. And who can't listen to a great accent all day long?

From there we went for a coffee and eventually met up with Tennille, an actor who is a good friend of the McQuillans. With her we shared espresso and iced-tea. Hopped up on caffeine, we walked to Vij's Resturant. It is supposedly one of the premier Indian dining experiences in the country. Someone forgot to tell this guy about the appropriate mode of dress :)

I will declare that the food was well presented and absolutely delicious. I thought the decor made the Taj Mahal look like a Saskatchewan country kitchen. It was beautiful and I waxed quite eloquently on the refinement of the bathroom. I was too cowardly to take pictures of it lest I be labeled more of a freak than everyone thought me already.

Here we are with our fully satisfied Vij's bellies. You'd look happy too! Notice how one is supposed to dress.

Following is the sad part where we had to say goodbye to the super-charming Tennille and make the long trek back to our hotel. More blogging and pictures, etc... zzzzzzz...