Sunday, May 27, 2007

Police Tour: Day 2 -- Coffee and Breakfast

4 hrs of sleep (8:30am (SK time)... ugh. My eyes feel very much like sandpaper. And not good sandpaper either, but rather the kind that you start using and immediately all of the sand crumbles off the sheet and dribbles all down your hands. It is a good thing that can't really happen to my eyes. One reason to be happy this morning.'

Anna drove out to a nearby Tim's and got us a wake-up call, while I read some news and tried not to wake Ian. Anna said he could not be woken by the apocalypse itself, but as it happened, he was vaguely aware that all was not right in what should have been a pleasant land of slumbery bliss. After coffee and some news/blogging on our two laptops, we set out on our second day of this adventure.

10:45am we leave the hotel on foot. Anna has done extensive reading and planning on the bus schedules, pricing and frequency. It looks like we can ride on the weekends for $2.25 with a pass that lasts 90min. Considering how many buses and the frequency, this seems like one sweet deal. Why doesn't Saskatoon have something like this? Don't answer that, I know why, I just wish is all. Oh, for those who wonder, the yellow thing on the front of the bus hold patrons bicycles.

11:38am we saw this wall of posters in a construction area. I swear that I never said a word and Anna (hellion that she is) ran across the street and riped one of the posters down, folded it and shoved it in my backpack! What a bad seed. I'm sort of confused about the posters actually. The were printed with "sold out" on them, so they must have only been put up to boast about being sold out. A lot of money to brag to people who can't see the show. Perhaps it was so people who actually had tickets could feel good about spending $100 or more to see the band.

11:52am Vancouver is beautiful.
I may have been the first person to ever notice that ;) The one really super cool thing about Vancouver dwellings is the prevalence of roof gardening. It appears to be primarily ornamental, but I like to imagine that much of it is spices and vegetable gardens that are just out of range of my 12X zoom.

Here is where we had brunch. I don't have good pictures of the markets themselves, but we are going back on day 3 and I will try to rectify that. The food ranged from simple to decadent, but all of the presentations were amazing. I bought an organic coffee, a raisin scone, coffee/mocha fudge (for breakfast!) and whole grain bread with swiss cheese.

While we sat and ate, the pigeons put on a terrific air show and were a constant entertainment to all the little children who were scuttling about. There were entertainers about as well and we were treated to some haunting pan-flute and some other singer who was haunting in a whole different way. He was 40-50 and wore a pinstripe suit with what I will describe as a dixie-land hat. His singing was goofy. Out of another era is probably fair to say. If you remember the song, One more kiss, dear(lyricsfreak), from Bladerunner, then you will get the idea, only mix in some whistling and bird calling?!?