Monday, July 24, 2006

Edmonton Trip

Not that kind of trip! It was a road trip. Brad and I left on Thursday before noon. It was a pleasant road and we stopped along the way to drink a little Jones soda and enjoy the best that Saskatchewan highways have to offer. We arrived without incident but had significant trouble finding our campground of choice (or any for that matter). We were planning to camp at an in town sight. We sought directions at the Fort and after a series of detours for construction, our first try landed us at a grave-yard and not a ski-hill (in Edmonton???) as we had been expecting. After a scenic tour of the river valley, we eventually found what we were looking for.

The view from our campsite was quite good considering we were only about a 10 min drive from Whyte Ave and maybe 15 from the West Ed. Mall. We went to Whyte ave that evening to check out the local night life. The StarSchmucks had a nice present opportunity for old Cap. Orange if you are in the market.

That night we got back to the campsite after dark and had some of the best campfire veggie burgers that can be had. Thanks be to Ms. Orange that we had such great treats packed for us in our cooler. She is always a wonder. Guess she was just glad to have me out of the house for a couple of days.

The next day we rose early and went for breakfast on Whyte Ave. There was a little less activity than there had been on the previous evening. We bought some clothes, checked out Whyte Night Games and some really weird curio shops. After caffinating ourselves, we took in a two for one show at the theatre in the mall. On the way we saw the coolest store front in the whole place.
The stuff inside wasn't as tacky as you would imagine. Quite cool if that is your thing.

First we saw the lots of potential but little payoff film, Lady in the Water ( It had its moments, but they were too few. Don't see it. Next we crept a bit late into Monster House (imdb). That was really funny, but I can't say as I will be taking the girls. It is a riot, but it has some really disturbing and creepy moments that you just don't want to have to explain about how people are really messed up and bad to one another.

After the shows we did some shopping and had supper. oom in on this picture so you can see the price of the pre-damaged blue jeans that brad is displaying. If these are Edmonton prices, I can' t wait to shop in New York.

Before we left we saw this little guy just wandering around on the second floor with an escort of Mall officials. He was definitely running the show.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A chance to breathe

The sweetness of summer is upon the land. I have finished my role in the musical and somehow everything feels like it has changed while I was busy. Maybe Gandalf will suddenly come back today?

Things were looking pretty grim as the end of rehearsals approached. Everyone in the production could feel it. Things were not working the way we wanted, time was dreadfully short and tension was the highest I have witnessed in a show. I was trying to stay up-beat, but even my optimistic nature was hard pressed to keep on the orange-coloured glasses.
However, tension and I are done for a time and so I will simply tell you that the show was great. We could have used a week in the theatre to get ready instead of the two days we had. Consequently we were still getting up to speed on the first few nights of performance. After that it was terrific. Each show built on the last, getting better and better. I kept thinking that we had peaked, but I was wrong. Right to the end we continued to put out more energy and get the audience ever more involved.

Anyhow, it is now over. The better part of a week has made me feel much better and I am ready to take on the summer. As a matter of fact, we were able to take in the last day of the Jazz Festival. Anwyn put on a show for us with Lisa, while her sister Leanne sings on stage with Straight from the Fridge.

Anyone who wants a more detailed look at my photos from the show, can go here. Since I took most of these pictures, there is a shortage of me in them. Some might say that is a blessing.