Thursday, May 03, 2007

Killer Instinct

For those out of the loop, C.C. (short for Cookies and Cream) is our new cat. We fetched her from the S.P.C.A.'s "detention level" for Anwyn's b-day in March. C.C. is about 5 months old now and, Like Luke, she was almost "too old to begin the training." With my trusty X-wing still up on blocks, we have had to forgo the trip to Dagobah and make due with less suitable environs. Instead we settle for regular visits out to my compost pile which teems with life nearly as hideous for most of three seasons. In the spring, the mainstay of my pile seems to be mice. I don't think they are particularly good for the compost itself, but the reverse is clearly true.
Yesterday was her "first catch of the day" and I can only speculate that she will continue to round up the "rebel scum" until she manages to eliminate them from our little corner of the galaxy.