Saturday, April 07, 2018

Virginia Trip pt. 1 - Charlottesville

A pre-reading note: I’m having trouble getting the images for my handwritten journal to render properly on my mobile phone. You will do yourself a favour if you view it on a tablet or desktop. If you use a phone, you may get pixelated images when you try to zoom the images. You should be able to tap/click/whatever on them to get the full resolution. Sorry.

Second note: I’m becoming increasingly disappointed with Blogger’s level of support for folks who want to design blogs on a mobile platform (hint: there is NO SUPPORT). This blog may be moving in the next several months.

In happier news...
The official photo-set for our Virginia Vacation is on Google Photos (which works great on mobile). Be aware, there will be spoilers, since this blog lags behind the actual vacation ;)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE - Series 0 Upgrade Perspective

Late February... I’ve suffered my winter darkness and am considering emerging. I started working on this updated Apple Watch review/rumination several months ago and have just got around to finishing it. For what it’s worth...

If you want to read my first impressions and review of the Series 0, you can find them as follows: