Monday, May 14, 2007

Planting pinches, kisses and plants

I woke up at 6:20am on Sunday. Leora wanted to get a head start her mother's day prep and Anwyn was just not waking up. " then I had to pinch her awake," was Leora's explanation for the noise that brought me upstairs in a rush. After comforting Anwyn for a bit, we began our labours. This year was great. The girls are getting big enough that my task was confined to advice and clean-up. The pancakes, sauces, flowers and presents were all managed with only the most minimal input from me. Washing dishes was another matter entirely...

A little later, it was time to deal with my own mother. We went to Calories for brunch and had a really great time. I can't really speak for Mom, though. We did an excellent job of not discussing video games, but there was an air of discontent about and much of the conversation was dedicated to the woes of the education system and how teachers (not so subtly) act as corporate filters to sort people into their future jobs rather than prepare them for a future of setting goals and getting the most from their lives.


The food was almost distracting enough to keep me from such discouraging thoughts. That and Mom's fantastic sparkling spider brooch. I imagined that it might just leap from below her shoulder and quickly scavenge the bright orange salmon caviar that adorned James' Pea Bolinii. For me, the star of the meal was the fantastic sour cherry and cream cheese scone served with Saskatoon-berry jam.
Oh, did I forget the plants part?
From Mother's Day ...
4 hours of this yielded the satisfaction it always does and the humming hands that threatened to vibrate right off my body. Next weekend the garden should be all in.