Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Hot-New Qalendar. Add it to your Google calendar and then... USE it. Anyway, it's over there on the left. A nice centralized way to let everyone know when your spectacular Questing event will be.

Walking around the city? Going to see 300 next week? Playing music at a local (or not local) club? Coming into town for the weekend? Or just can't remember when Qwed is.

I made a nifty little graphic for it. I wish I could figure out how to make the Blogger widget make the graphic the link...***UPDATE*** I guess it wasn't as hard as I thought, tee-hee!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Yesterday (at least when I began typing this) was the beginning of the 17th Quest Era and so it is natural that I've been doing some thinking about questing and the Quest. I have spent a great deal of effort, virtually every year since it began, trying to explain to others and to myself just what the hell it all is. I have put up a few posts addressing this question in the past... I can' t be bothered to hunt them down right now (must label...) so for now, you will have to be satisfied with a link to Qe16.

Anyhow, this year, a couple of foxes showed up to enhance the milieu of Qe17. Thanks for dropping by and bringing your intellectual game. Gentleman that I am, I must give credit to the ladies first.The usuals were also all present, including Geof, after the most brief failings of heart from yours truly. Having heard so little from Starcat in recent months, I thought perhaps that he would give the this year a miss. My apologies, oh steadfast one.

The weather was fine for a change and the Doctor shamed me into admitting that I had not participated in our (historically) much vaunted head-dunking. I shall make up for it in coming weeks -- may I have the pictures to prove it. I guess I was preoccupied with feelings of good fortune that the temperature was not last year's (and don't forget to look at the wind-chill). I had the 'pleasure' of sprinting through a field with James on that occasion and later climbing up Thorv. in what seemed a veritable blizzard. Needless to say, when the campus cops questioned me, they didn't bother to get out of their car.

Vin and James had a lengthy discussion, but don't ask me what it was about. I'm afraid that it was all a bit over my head (or beneath my RADAR, I can never remember which applys...).

Dave came up with a fantastic idea that really needs some follow-up. He proposed that we collect money on a yearly basis and set up some sort of endowment fund to be used in furthering the goals of The Quest. Of course, such things are easier imagined than done. Just what are our goals, for one? Never-the-less, I will do my part. I have been elected to construct a strong box (or treasure chest, if you will) to keep the loot safe. I hope that this year will see a flurry of suggestions of what we might do with the cash. I have a few ideas, but that is for another post.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hardware Night

Nope, we weren't playing with power tools. Within, you can see the kinds of distractions that Handwing provided and the frightening ferocity that Kyro displays when you suggest that his dog is not on par with Lassie or the Littlest Hobo.
Hardware in Vanscoy

Here is a link in case you are old fashioned . . . link

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I was out having a great time this Friday. I wanted to share some of my unending childhood with you. It is part of the Quest project I have been working on this year. Will it be ready for this QNY? No. I'm sad to say that I had big dip in my enthusiasm for working on it during the winter. But, I am still enamoured of the idea of trying to create a multimedia representation of my personal approach to questing.

The world will just have to keep holding its breath.

Anwyn's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter. She is now 7. Pictures from her birthday (few) on Tuesday and her subsequent party on Saturday (many) can be found here...
Anwyn's B-day_2007