Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Post Christmas Wednesdays have been just as frequent as one might expect of a Wednesday. Unfortunately, questy events on said days have been sparse. The week after a brief and very successful meeting to play Pirates of the Spanish Main, we had a blizzard to contend with. The game was mostly a race for second place. Rainswept took home the most gold in the end and Handwing got the silver medal. Yours truly was dead last, but at least I was compleatly wiped off the board by a combination of poor choices and Rainswept's submarine! You can see it about to ram one of my ships in this picture. In the following image you can see how Physics Brad falls prey to a devastating broadside attack.
Anyway, for about $60 we had a rollicking good time. Some of the rules could use a little smoothing, though.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On being 35

I've got so many new toys to play with, I hardly know where to start.

The girls gave me some of my favorite candies, a 4 player white board version of Sudoku, a sunglasses holder for the car and several nice cards.

I managed to use a combination of EaseUs Disk Copy and Gparted to transfer my old drives to the new 300GB one. Then I noticed that Maxtor bundles some software on disk that would have done it too. Ah well, I felt triumphant anyway.

Mom and Dad both gave me a little more money for my birthday, so I was able to afford a bit nicer monitor than I anticipated. My 22" LCD is making me a very happy man. I wound up with a Samsung 225bw. All the other screens made me want to vomit. I think Ms Orange is a bit nervous though. I never want to watch TV or movies upstairs now. Good thing that the kitchen is up there...

And of course, there is the new sewing machine. You would be proud. I have been working on some, shall we say, slightly industrial projects and have managed to already break 3 needles. Haven't managed to bog the internals yet so there has been no reason to crack the case.

Putting kids to bed.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

I guess it's gonna be a long, long time

Whew! Maybe now things can get back to normal. It seems like my life has been on overdrive for the last month. No midnight concordesqe trips to Paris or Tokyo, unfortunately. Just the usual holiday frenzy. Seems like it was a little worse this year than previous. Anyway, I'm sorry if I've ignored you. I'm sure you had plenty to read over your December.

The Mousetrap is finished. Thank the maker. And yes, the oil-bath did feel really good. I am often glad to be done a production by opening night. Usually, the feeling fades during the run and by closing, I wish it would keep going another week. Not this time. I'm not sure if I told you about the frustrations I had surrounding the play or not. Let me say this first. It had nothing to do with the kind and generous nature of the people I was working with. I've never worked with such an amiable cast and crew. There were no "personality" issues. There was quite a bit of confusion, however. The director was a first-timer and we had no end of trouble finding people to work backstage. We were short on experience and unable to make use of some of the veteran skills that we did have (for fear of stepping on peoples toes). Why was this so frustrating? Normally, I wouldn't mind. But, coming into December was a mistake for me. I love to do a lot of baking leading into the holidays and being so busy, I just couldn't. My gift making also really suffered. So, in the end, what should have been a energizing creative effort wound up feeling like a chore. I felt rushed and guilty about not wanting to invest more emotionally in the effort. Let us not speak of it again.