Monday, May 30, 2011

What I've been up to lately...

I have been playing around some more with the Pringles macro tube that I made at the beginning of May. As you noticed from the pictures in my last post, it was a bit unwieldily. Focus was nearly impossible and my tripod was not up to the task. I made some modifications. I may go into painful detail later.
For now, I will say that I devised a system to dynamically set the magnification and added a limited degree of focal control. Then, I had some fun chasing bugs. The ones that can't move anymore are way easier to work with.

Macro albums here (misc incl. bugs) and here (flowers and yard)

I've been a little moody lately, which is why you haven't heard from me. I've also been reading a photographer's blog who gives great advice for using light (but particularly on camera flash). I put my mood together with the learning and got some cool shots using a combination of the sun and my new flash. It was all in the name of a greater personal project that I'm working on. Oh, and until I can afford to hire a model or travel to Africa, you will have to tolerate pictures of me and bugs.

For all the moody, solipsistic and angsty badness you can go here.

I even wrote a depressing poem to go with one of them.

Kind of makes me feel like a teenager again :)

More recently I've been helping to get Saskatoon Summer Players ready to present The Sound of Music this summer at Persephone. I was invited, but declined a villainous role, deciding to concentrate on some behind-the-scenes work. To that end, I helped paint the backdrop (but only a little bit), did an interview with one of SSPs long time volunteers, snapped pics at two photo shoots during rehearsals and I am currently editing biographies for the lobby display. Sadly, I'll be providing no pictures of any of this until the show opens in order to avoid getting in trouble with my fellow board members.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Phood Photography

Whether it be in the garden or in the kitchen, I've taken my share of food pictures. From now on, in my house, food will take pictures of you :) Almost.

I've been curious about the Pringles macro lens hack for awhile now. Working on my last project with Brad got me enthused about giving it a try. So I got the parts together and went for it.

I was surprised at how quickly it went. I'm pretty experienced with my Dremmel (and a craft vise was key to maintaining finger integrity) so I was able to finish it off in only about 20 minutes while I was working in the kitchen making supper. This is the side that connects to the camera. I originally tried using the super glue, but it couldn't withstand the force that a heavy old lens in the end of tube exerted. Fortunate for me that James had some metal epoxy on hand and we soon made a permanent fix.

To the left you can see the lens. It's mounted backwards on purpose :)

This is how it looks. I choose this flavour of chip because it's my favourite, but I think the can also looks wicked. Beside it you can see my new Metz 58 AF-2 flash. I got it for the last project but forgot to include a picture.

I spent an hour or so setting up tripods, adjusting light and taking my first pics with it. Very difficult to get focus.
Good, good wholewheat Shreddies!
Passion Plant Tendril

It was really hard to take pictures this way. I'm not sure I will have the patience. I am planning to try and make the tube adjustable. That should allow me to attempt some handheld stuff outdoors.

Here are all the pictures.