Monday, May 28, 2007

Police Tour: Day 2 -- to Stanley Park...and beyond!

After sampling the mouthwatering food and suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous entertainment we brushed the pigeon dropping from our shoulders, shouldered our equipment and set off on the next leg of our journey.

Most of this day will center on the region referred to as the 'West End'(wikip). We walked from Granville "Island" (tsk, tsk, (click my added icons for some extra basic geography)) down Davie st.(wikip) I thought it all happened as a happy coincidence, but with Anna at the planning helm of our vacation 'Enterprise', I have no idea which courses were plotted and which were the result of unstable wormholes. In short it was (for me) a happy coincidence to find myself strolling along such fertile valley of humanity. Q says that our race "is always suffering and dying", but Davie Village points out quite clearly that there are a number of things Q failed to mention ;)

It was there that Anna got in touch with her sensitive side. Well, of her feet anyway. We stopped in at a London Drugs and got her some nice insole inserts. We had to twist her wrist to spend the $15 and on the day, the reviews were mixed. But today, she claims that they were "a good buy."

We hobbled onward and managed to make it to Stanley Park. Memories flooded back into my mind -- yes Vin, I know it doesn't work that way. It is a figure of speech -- and whether or not it ever happened, I believe I remember being there when we came to Vancouver as kids.

Anyhow, though there were lots of these heron/crane thingys, they very rarely did anything cool
like this...Or this...

Mostly, they just stared and wished that the humans would leave the harbor forever and that the few remaining fish would lose that humany/petroleum aftertaste. I think Ian really captured their pain in this excerpt from the dramatic retelling of A day in the life of Vancouver Sealife. I don't know if he will tour it outside Vancouver, but it might be worth pre-ordering a DVD in case he doesn't make it to your town.

We were too late to go to Vancouver's famous aquarium, so we consoled ourselves with some coffee. After all, I had a great day... I climbed some rocks and trees and things best left from the eyes of prying law-keepers... Next... Supper on day. Is this taking too long?