Monday, February 02, 2009

Minor (and not so) repairs

You likely recall that I got Rock Band last January (I considered it a birthday gift from the Universe). I intended to post about my first repair, but perhaps I forgot. I won't bore you with the details other than to say that an integral component in the guitar stopped working. As it turns out, there was a broken spring involved. After 12 or so screws that stood in my way, the repair itself was fairly simple. I feel great when I repair these things because it saves both me and the companies involved money (Well, technically the warranty wasn't expired -- the first time, but who cares, it was fun)
  • I don't have to be without the controller for 4 weeks
  • No one has to pick up the tab for thousands of miles of shipping
  • I (hopefully) learn a bit about the electronics involved
So, I refashioned  the existing spring -- simply stretching it out a bit further and making a new loop so it could reattach to where it had fallen from. The repair lasted about 4 months only to surface again. Small surprise really, since it was the same crappy spring only a centimeter shorter. The second time, I found a perfect substitute: a spring from a clicky pen.

In January, (now a year since purchase) the drums suffered a critical failure. One of the pads ceased to accept any input. The drums were much more difficult to get into. The culprit was a broken wire. With quite a bit of luck and some soldering skill, I managed to extend the origianl wires and put Humpty together again. There were any number of hidden screws in this process and in the end, I'm pretty lucky that I didn't break anything that I could not fix.

Keeping active

My volleyball season is winding down. It has mostly been an enjoyable season. My team is in the "D" division of our co-ed league, and if you were to break "D" into pieces... we would be in the "D" part of it. In case you don't get the picture -- we suck sort of hard. I say 'sort of' because, on this team, we don't do anything all the way. I guess that's part of the problem.

It's been good for me, really. I've helps me to focus on my game and not get frustrated with things beyond my control. For my part, service reception has been quite weak all year. I don't quite know how to shake off the nerves of making that first good pass. Aside from that, I am very happy with my game. My vertical has been coming back over the last 6 weeks as has my general bounciness. I had a bit of a knee issue all through the late fall and right up until the end of December. I was starting to feel age seeping in through the vulnerable places and setting roots.

The Doctor's threat to take me mountain climbing coincided with a renewed effort on my part to get back into better shape (I hadn't run since late September). So far the effort has really paid off (and look, I suddenly feel like blogging again... connection???)

In further news, I have accepted a part in another Gateway Players production. I am to play the role of William Blore in Agatha Christie's play And then there were None adapted by her from one of her many novels. ( It will be my second Christie play, if any of my readers remember my posts on The Mouse Trap (although, I had vowed never to speak of it again). The cast I am to work with is much better seasoned than the last group and I can only hope that the experience is more fulfilling.