Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Police Tour: Day 2 -- ... the beyond part

But first, a little bookkeeping. I've added a few panoramas to my pictures. I put them in the rough order they occurred, so if you've been following along, you may want to go back. They are a nice shot of Granville Island from above, Anna hugging the giant tree, and the Pacific Drum store. They won't display worth a damn online as the image you see is only a thumbnail, so if you would like to see really detailed versions you will need to download the pics and zoom in. I guess it's only for people who are literally driven to tears (or boredom). But, as I always say, when the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around.

We walked (o.k. limped) along Denman street to see if there was anywhere to eat for supper. Anna had read about a place in her guide book called Legendary Noodle House. It was nothing to look at, but it did sell noodles. Anna's blog will have the pics and meal details, but all I can say is "J'aurais toujours faim de toi." It was one of 'those' places. Emily's off Broadway used to be like that in the beginning. You could get great food for way less than you'd expect. We all ate until we couldn't eat anymore, had drinks and with tip included it came to $33. Not impressive perhaps... for a McDonald's, but the food was fantastic. We traded around our appetizers and different noodle styles and so got a bit of everything. The Value for money was unanimously agreed upon and spawned a new saying "Noodles Crazy." You may use it anytime value vastly exceeds expectations or common sense. You can go ahead and use it right now -- "Reading CaptainOrange is noodles crazy!" Oh, I forgot the best part. This was my view as we waited for our meals to be prepared.

We caught the bus back to the airport terminal and walked the final stretch until we fell, exhausted into our beds. Then, rather than sleep, I took all the pictures off of my camera, loaded them onto the computer, cropped and touched them up, uploaded them to the internet, added captions, and spent a bit of time typing up the details so as to not forget them. Then I was able to sleep the sleep of the dead. Except it only lasted about 6hrs :(