Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hex Kids

The girls orchestrated a fabulous event for we parents on Tuesday. Leora did the fabulous backdrop (a heart skull and crossbones) and sang vocals. Anwyn played lead guitar and helped the boys make and distribute tickets and they both trained Eric and Anthony to take tickets, sell plastic concession food, do sound and lighting, and provide the audience with cues for when to clap. The set was planned as 4 songs from the "Scooby-doo and the Witche's Ghost"(wikipedia) soundtrack. It was a 3-seat sellout!

The girls (and possibly their dad) have been obsessed with the hex girls (hex girls coven) for several years now, ever since we first saw the movie. If you are a Scooby-doo fan, or just into Wiccan, goth/vampire, chick bands, you should definitely check them out(youtube). Leora and Anwyn have done air-bands to them sooo many times, I thought it was time to blog about it.