Friday, April 22, 2005

House of Leaves (1st Round)

First off, I have to publicly pity all persons who were not present at this discussion. If you were in the hospital, we could have brought the conversation to you. When we all finish the book, don't let yourself be let out of the second installment of flavoured milk and double-shot Americano's.

Going into The Roastery, I already knew that Danielewski was a brilliant writer. In the midst of our discussion I was struck with the depth of his skill and genius. Were the book not finite, I would be tempted into saying his genius was indeed without limit.

I'm not really sure how to proceed with this post. I don't want to make it a catalogue of all the cool things that we discussed, or how we sat there for several hours pouring over the two copies of the book and kept finding new things that we had missed in the first or second readings. What I want to do is make sure that everyone gets out of the house next week so that we are all there the next time. I'm sure that the extra brain (sic) will only make things even more grand than they were.

To James, Dave and Me...
Let us finish this thing quickly. Dave will be leaving town before too long and I would dearly love to have another installment of discussion around this book before he (house of) leaves.

Riddle your copy with sticky notes and bring it to the next QT.

When new copies arrive in the store, you must alert me immediately!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fair Use and other crazy notions...

QT was full of both surprise and stimulating conversation. The recent TV scheduling shift thanks to the SK nemesis D.S.T. has done Tuesday evenings a favour. Vin can come out and play a bit earlier.*

After picking up a mint used copy of Eggers' AHWoSG at Westgate for $12.50, Vin and I met James at Joe Bean on 8th. They have a wonderous beverage there known as the red-eye. A double shot of espresso calmed to a mere state of nervous fury by about 10 oz of medium or dark roast coffee.*

Conversation centered on Jim's dilemma as a band teacher. To copy or not to copy. Or rather, how to not copy and still manage to be a teacher, or alternately, how to copy and have it be legal. I doubt any of us has put in the thought on this idea that is one of the hallmarks of Lawrence Lessig. One of his books, Free Culture is available for free download. Anyway, it's there, so I suggest you read it.

A more general link that James might be intersted in.

*and there was great rejoicing .

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Real Thing

Not Coca-Cola, of course, but rather the Faith No More variant. I'm sitting here at nap time, avoiding my taxes and ripping the songs from a cassette tape that I found in my closet. Damn fine stuff. One of only a few albums to really take me all the way back to the begining and still not entice me to skip a single song.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I am the Pirate King

After a teriffic audition, I have officially been cast as The Pirate King in GIlbert and sullivan's Pirates of Penzance Still have some scheduling to discuss with the director before I can be full steam ahead on this one, but it is looking good.

QT was quiet last eve. James and I played a magnetic varient of connect-4. The board has randomizable magnets beneath each of the board squares and the player pieces also contain magnets which flip-flop depending on their placement on the board.

Vin arrived and, as if by magic, a variety of teas (spicey and not so) were served... following which,we moved to Magettigan's for beverages, desserts and wireless internet madness. Conversation fluctuated between the PSP and roleplaying.