Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Too much driving

kudos to the Dr. for calling me up. I celebrate the first unsolicited call from you in recent memory! We met at the roastery on Broadway. Topics for discussion included: what to do with a blog, and the nature (or lack of) intelligence.

keep your fingers crossed for Dave's take on intelligence on his blog.

I shared my feelings about House of Leaves. Specifically, that it has been at least as much fun to describe my reading of it as it is to actually read.

James is still sick,but was good enough to call me at the Roastery and invite me over for a brief chat. Possible highlights... seeing Matthew's TMNT Lego and disussing the difficulty in watching your children do something you deem as incorrect.

Drove to vin's and had popcorn while watching THE APPRENTICE. I hope and pray that the 2-hr episodes of AMAZING RACE will end for a while.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that Vin's apartment was sporting a fire upon my arrival for our continuing QT ritual. This particular log was a 'crackler' which came equipped with sounds approximating real wood (tip of the hat). As encouragement to those of you who feel disinclined to acquiesce to our requests to appear, Vin suggests that the next one he buys will be a 'java log'. Woe to he that misses out.

Chantelle thinks that The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clayis the cat's ass, so to speak. Vin has been finnished it for several days already and has passed it onto her. That was the most memorable thing that came from QT last night I am gratified that I remembered to bring the book to QE13 at all. I was in real dispair regarding a Quest book and it was only a last moment remembrance that saw its inclusion at all. Shame on me. I think as pennance, I SHOULD read it again. Especially since we tried to have a conversation about it and my memories of the book were old enough that I was flailing just to remember the order of the plot.

In contrast to the reading flurry in Vin's appartment, I am only a handfull of pages into House of Leaves (for anyone who hasn't read the book yet, I can definitely say "This is not for you." But, if you are in a rush to read your own copy, perhaps this is). It is tres enjoyable, but I just haven't made the time to become fully engrossed.

As you may all remember, no one provided any tangible goals for the comming year. I plan to publish mine here for the edification of all. As per our discussion of Q13, the group would perhaps wonder why? Do I do it in order to seek your approval? Am I desperate to succeed and require the motivation of fear that others will know of my failure? I'm afraid that I say 'NO' to both counts. Both of those items were discussed, but a third was ignored or undiscovered. I wish to both encourage you, and share my success and/or failure. I don't need to tell anyone that it is a short conversation when you can only share your successes. Sometimes they seem way too far and few between. Naturally, I hope to have a winning record. But, if I have to I will also revel (with you, I hope) in my humanity as I stumble.

I'm not holding myself to the canonical three. Instead, I hope to make a continued effort to add things to the list of ways that I want to change--both in ways I'm sure to manage and ones that seem destined for failure.

First, and easiest to verify... I will update this blog once a week, minimum. I hope for more, but given my track record (see my 1st and 2nd posts), I will remain cautious.

Second, I shall drink no coffee but that I have a partner to share with. I will honour the spirit of the beans which, you will notice, are always at their best in congregation. The only exception that I will beg is during long driving sessions that stretch into the night.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Vin has been looking to change up his coffee experience. Always a good thing. I have a mortar and pestle (like this only green). Dave had time to sit and watch. Shazam in about 5 minutes I had ground up 8 beans into fine powder and added the boiling water right to the mortar. Amazing. And like most other things worth doing, the work is it's own reward. It was especially nice that not only did I know exactly how many beans it took to make a good cup, but I had consumed the entire bean. None of this filtering and discarding the mangled carcass to rot.

After trying his hand at grinding, Vin suggested that maybe there were more elegant ways to do it. As per our new year's discussion, I believe it is safe to say that we should substitute 'easier' for 'more elegant.' I suppose he either meant this , this, or this.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

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We can see here that Geof's 'watch destroying field' is not strong enough to cross the table and prevent me from telling the time

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I'm sure that I am not alone in not being able to sleep right now. I think I only had 3 cups of coffee, but I may as well have drank a whole pot. I had great plans to quickly post the pictures and sound for all to appreciate. "Where are they," you may well ask? The computer beckoned as I lay restlessly for over an hour. "I'm only twenty feet away. Just boot me up. You know you want to." Eventually, I gave in and pressed the little blue square. Arrrrggggghhh!

"What the hell is that loud humming?"

"Uh, I have no Idea. Go back to sleep." I fumble around in the dark, using my penlight to see enough to remove the cover. The !@#$ing fan for my new video card is the culprit.

"Why is there a loud clanking over there?"

"Nothing. I guess I'll just go upstairs and use the laptop," even though it doesn't have the requisit ports to enable me to access the sound and picture files I am dying to investigate.

So, I went to Quest New-Year, and all I got was this lousy post.

Happy QE15 everyone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

BTW, you may wish to notice the time-stamp on the my first entry. That will sort of let you know how much to expect updates. I'm famously curious, but also correspondingly lazy. Actually, it is more that I have a million things that I like to do and if there is no immediate pay off to the new thing I have tried, it goes by the wayside.
Off coffee for a week! What a treat that has been. Sunset in Saskatoon tonight is supposed to be 7:12 pm, at which time I will happily leap back onto the coffee wagon. I think anyone who has recently given up the beverage, or if you are considering it, should check out the last months worth of PVP strips, starting here.