Thursday, July 31, 2008

An unexpected party

Ancient CCorner-friend, Simon was flying across the country and decided to stop in and see what had changed in Saskatoon. Thanks to Anita and Facebook, several of us got together at Lydia's for veggie burgers, nachos, poutine, beers and coffee. I invited everyone for the impending City Walk. Let's just say there may have been some 'loose shoes' in the room. I hope some of them manage to lace up for the event.

Ani took some photos, which she will hopefully cough up at some point and link for the rest of us. Thanks for the invite, Anita

***update*** The photos have been up for a looonng time now. I've just been goaded into grabbing them from facebook and putting a couple here. Thanks again, Anita :)

Geof, Me, Anita, Simon

Chins R Us

Monday, July 28, 2008

What's it going to be boy?

City Quest 2008 is upon us. Grab your backpacks, fruit-bars, a bottle of water and a good pair of shoes. The date for this year is Sunday, August 3. Call or email me if you want to take part. You need not come for the entire day. Any distance is appreciated for the company.

Departure time is estimated at 4am

Lead-up and Break-down for last year.
Or you can go straight for the pictures of last year and the year before...