Monday, March 02, 2009


With any luck, I will be meeting with the Quest over coffee something like a week early. I haven´t heard from Geof or Handwing yet. The proposed date is March 8th and we are, once again meeting at the current favorite location. Problem is Spring. It hasn´t come a week early. In fact as of this morning, it is still blastedly cold here. I´m going out for a run later today, but I really need things to warm up or I just don´t feel like Questing. The original celebration was due to a warm wind blowing through town and causing a big melt. I have trouble generating the necessary feelings of adventure if the wind doesn´t smell adventurous.

I know, I know. You´re thinking to yourself, ¨he´s always like this at the beginning of March.¨ And, you´re right, of course. Without a little anguish the Quest just does not seem worthwhile. I´ll go anguish for a bit and be back when I have something productive to add to this discussion.