Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nearly spring again...

Once again I thought spring was certainly here this time. I was wrong of course. Below minus 20 before the windchill on March 17th is depressing. Never-the-less, a scant two days ago, it was marvelous and sunny.

Wen and I got a bit edgy and decided to do some seeding in the greenhouse. It was between minus 5 and minus 3 outdoors, but in my little haven the temperature (at waist height) was 24 degrees celsius, in the shade. The sunny parts were making me sweat as I did a little caulking that I had neglegted in the fall. I seriously considered trying to put up a hammock in there and spend the day reading.

It really is a bit early to plant and when I do, it will still involve a lot of transporting things back to the house for the non-sun hours. Currently the temperature will still rapidly drop below freezing inside the greenhouse if the sun isn't shining pretty hard.

Later that day, Leora and Anwyn wen't to Liz's to help with some party preparations for Anthony's birthday "tea party" which left Wen and I some spare time. We elected for a river walk culminating in a terrific lunch at the Museo Cafe(mendel.ca) in the Mendel Art Gallery. The food was fantastic and the the coffee worthy of my attention. Next time I'll try the esspresso instead of the cappuccino.

I'm not going to comment on the art. There was only one thing that was really of interest to me.

I've included this photo of the banana plant(wikipedia) from the conservatory to show James just how small (relatively speaking) it is.