Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Captainorange's Log

Stardate, blah, blah, etc, etc...

O.K. I've included a spread sheet of my activities at the top of the blog now. Now you can all keep tabs on my attempts to break my records. I'm not going to record everything I do (not yet anyway), just the serious attempts to increase my current record. I intend to eventually add all the old "book" data and highlight the current records in each category. It will stay until I become embarrassed by it's presence. I hope to hear of everyone competing and logging your own personal bests at home. You will be glad of it.

Saw a story on Oprah, (get over it, I sometimes watch) about calorie restriction (wikipedia). Looked fun. I'm always put off by how rabid ( people are about these new heath fads, though. For now I'll just stick to whole foods and plenty of coffee.

And if you give a damn about twitter, but don't have it (probably not eh?) you can see my most recent tweets down at the bottom of this page. It is kind of embarrassing saying 'tweets'