Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour, 2009

Earth HourWell, there is nothing for it. I have to plug Earth Hour on my blog. If only to improve upon my percieved sincerity for those of you who read or will read the article in today's Star Phoenix.

Betty Ann hooked me up with the reporter who did the story. She seemed to think that I was doing somebody a favour, but I feel that I am the one who benefitted. The hour that I spent talking to the reporter was quite enjoyable and a good opportunity to continue to reflect on some of the lifestyle choices that many of us have been wrestling with over the last days, weeks, and years.

I am only advocating for Earth Hour because it is an avenue for self-reflection. How much will your life be changed by turning off your lights for an hour? Not at all. I don't really care if you "believe" in global warming. This issue trancends the concept. For me it is about wanting and having less. Using what we need and no more. Enjoying your loves -- be they people or activities, or things -- and dispensing with that which cost much and gives little.

Don't grimace, I'm convincing myself here. I struggle with the desire (especially for new tech) on a daily basis as well as for many other frivolous things. In January, I joined the pact with my brothers not to purchase anything new that can be had used and to not purchase anything at all that I don't need. Tricky word, 'need,' as we all know, but a fundamental one that I must continue to analyse. The pact (for my part) is going well. The simple solution I've found is to stop going into Futureshop and Home Depot. Goodbye 90% of my pointless spending.

So, whether you sign up for Earth Hour or not. Maybe just join me in taking an hour to think about what makes you happy. Grab a beer, or glass of wine, or cup of organic/fairtrade coffee, light some candles, and turn off the lights.