Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September Update

Obligatory Back to School Photo
Of course the biggest change this month is that Wendy and the girls all went back to school. Phew! I love them--you know I do, but I'm still happy when everyone gets back into the rhythm of school. I get a little more time to myself in the morning and things feel a little less rushed... for me. Everyone else, on the other hand is in quite a tizzy.

Wendy is walking downtown every morning to the SPSD division office and trying to destroy the demons of chaos that threaten our children's educational existence. She has a host of new responsibilities this year and it has been a bit of a wild ride for her to try and get it together. She needs new challenges like the rest of us, so I figure it's all to the good. We hosted a pot-luck dinner party for her colleagues last night to try and help the team gel right at the start of the year.

Father walking stalking children to school...
Leora is trying to get the hang of her first year of high school at Walter Murray. After a summer of sleeping in, getting up early every weekday is not coming easily. She has three mornings of choir and two mornings of archery club. She has decided this isn't enough and yesterday, after three punishing rounds of try-outs, she has made the junior volleyball team. She tells me that will entail "most" days after school. She was mad that we wouldn't let her continue with her gymnastics class :(

Anwyn has switched schools as well. She managed to get herself enrolled into Greystone's ACTAL program. After two years of boredom in her last class, she is coming home every day excited about her classmates and her learning. She misses her friends from Ecole Victoria, but is so challenged in her new environment that she hasn't really noticed it yet.

We had a little kick off party last week. Anwyn had been reading a novel which spent many paragraphs detailing fancy table settings and decided that she wanted us to have a 7 course meal! Wendy and Leo did the cooking, Anwyn served and I photographed. Perfect division of labour.
Baked Brie 
French Onion Soup
Caesar Salad
Creme Brulee (with coffee)
Cheese/Fruit/Nut Plate

The thing at the bottom (that looks like an ear) is a slice of fresh fig :)

The meal was great. I just hope the next book Anwyn reads goes deep into manufacturing consumer electronics.

"Hey, Dad, I thought maybe tonight we could build a new iPhone."
"If you insist, Honey, but I want your homework done first!"