Friday, September 28, 2012

Florida Diving Trip(2012) -- Day 5

Double Crested Cormorant
We have started to fall into a really good rhythm here. What with the not throwing up added to lots of sun and diving, it is starting to feel very much like a vacation. Or at the very least, some place that I don't loathe existing in :)
We did morning dives again, which means no coffee as we have to be at Quiescence by 8am.
We were on French Reef today. The two locations we did were called Hard Bottom Cave and Hourglass Cave. As you might expect, each of these locations offered some nooks and crannies to weave through. Neither contained any seriously challenging elements, but both were substantially deeper dives than yesterday.

Speaking of which, here are some numbers from yesterday at Northern Dry Rocks.
Dive 1 -- Minnow Cave 59 minutes at 4m average and 6.1m max
Dive 2 -- Dry Rock(Not sure of this name and I think Brad is sick of me asking...) 58 minutes, averaging 4.9m and 7.3m max.

Today's Dives: Weather Hot and Sunny. Light Winds.
Dive 1 -- Hard Bottom was a 60min dive and averaged 8.2m and took us down as deep as 12.2m. Saw a spotted eel, several lobster.

Dive 2 -- Hourglass was 54min and averaged 7.6m and bottomed out at 11.6m. Saw a Goliath Grouper and a Reef Shark(likely Caribbean). This reef had lots of vertical change and was quite textured. It was fun to swoop around through canyons and gullies.

I must admit that Brad and I are not the best underwater navigators, with each of us drifting off course on numerous occasions. It's not a dangerous scenario, but does involve some extra swimming.

For listening to all that, I think you deserve a picture of this fellow that we saw eating some sort of weed in the park we strolled through this afternoon.
You can have coffee with me tomorrow, Handsome.
Sorry, I can't not take these pictures... I had to climb in the water to get the rocks right, so you'd better appreciate it!

Additional pictures from this trip may be found here.