Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Florida Diving Trip(2012) -- Day 2

Tuesday -- 7am

Still congested. Brad and I agreed that I shouldn't dive today. Extra sleep for me.

I've managed to get up, shower, and have coffee and a scone. All without hilarious incident.
The view out the front door is... okay
The view 50 metres out back is somewhat more inspiring
Morning Coffee Companion
Proof of manly shopping expedition


Brad back from Diving. He reports that the diving was excellent and that there were a lot more fish on his first dive than we saw at the most fishy dive in Honduras. I'm excited to see if his stories live up to the tale. Brad can be given to such exaggeration.

We went and found a local grocery store and stocked up on fresh produce and some bread. Tomorrow we will be barbecuing.


Drove into Miami (an hour 1-way). We checked out a couple of stores that sell board/card games and found one to play when we are stopped places for coffee or to sponge free wifi.

Additional pictures from this trip may be found here.