Thursday, September 27, 2012

Florida Diving Trip(2012) -- Day 3


Got up and headed for the dive shop. My G+ crew will recognize this optimistic video clip.
Headache and stuffiness better but not gone. I decided to give snorkelling rather (than scuba) a try. This was a good plan for a number of reasons. The first reason was that I did still find it difficult to clear my ears, particularly on ascent. It's not a very big deal snorkelling because you don't go to the same depths and therefore there is much less equalization pressure on your ear drum and sinus cavities.
Leaving the Keys

The other reason that I'm glad that I snorkelled instead is that I was violently sick to my stomach 25 minutes after getting in the water. If you are down at 30 or 40 feet at the time, this can become tricky. You probably remember that I had this same problem early on in Honduras. There is one small difference. I took anti-nausea medication in advance this time. It just didn't work. I don't know if it is because I am immune to this particular antiemetic (dimenhydrinate) or if the added pressure in my ears has something to do with it. In any event I am frustrated. I am really trying to take advantage of my opportunity for fun here, but it's a bit of a struggle.

Brad had 2 more great dives partnered with a nice woman who was a very experienced diver. It sounds like the highlight was getting to see a very playful Nurse Shark.


Moving along. I was mostly over my grouchy period after a couple of hours. I soothed my woozy head with some Starbucks and several games of Chez Goth(board game geek). Having run alongside a goth crowd in university, I found it to be a fun and nostalgic way to beat brad in a best of 3 ;)

When we got back to our resort lodgings we prepared a delectable feast on one of the many grills near the water.
The highlight... Grilled Sweet Peppers


Naturally... while watching the sun set.

Additional pictures from this trip may be found here.