Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Florida Diving Trip(2012) -- Day 1

I have been sick for a couple of days leading into this trip. It's a sinus cold, which is not conducive to diving. A ruptured aorta while in shark infested waters is about equivalent ;)

Monday -- 4am

Wendy was kind enough to help me fumble my way to the airport. Being sick, short on sleep, short on coffee, and panicked about forgetting something vital (like boots when mountain climbing for instance), Wendy seemed torn between kissing me goodbye and reporting me as a terrorist to airport security.

Here is a breakdown of my first 10 minutes at the airport: Pass through security. Forget 1.5 day old iPhone5 in an airport security bin. Purchase coffee. Wandered upstairs to wait at departure gate. Walk back down for coffee that I forgot on the condiment counter. Return to my gate. Answer cell call from wife.

Karma-Free Sunrise
Wendy: Are you awake yet?
Me: I left my new phone in a bin. A kind security agent found me as I was buying coffee and returned it to me.
Wendy: That's a "no," then?
Me: I'm waiting upstairs.
Wendy: I thought you would be downstairs.
Me: There aren't any gates downstairs.
Wendy: Um...
Me: I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree about--
Wendy: <click>

At this point, I check the departures board for the 3rd time and promptly, sheepishly, slink downstairs to the correct gate. I'm going to almost totally omit the part where I try to board the plane without a boarding pass. They don't get as mad as you'd expect :)

Did I mention that I was sick AND tired? Anyway, blogging is better than an apology because it's permanent and more people can hear it. <crickets...>

Fortunately, the plane did not crash (no thanks to me) and I was treated to a beautiful sunrise over the wing. Other than plugged ears and a good ebook, the rest of the flight was unremarkable.

2:30pm--Miami Time

Brad met me in the Miami airport and we began our drive down to Key Largo. Using my new phone, and a hacked together sun-visor mount, I have made you this very short stop motion video, of a surprisingly boring stretch of Miami. Enjoy and please shop Best Buy!

Our Room in Key Largo