Monday, February 27, 2006

Winter's (never)End

It's no bit secret that I begin to feel quite shitty towards the end of the coldest season. I'm trying to keep the wolves at bay (as it were) by getting a little bit healthier and trying to keep busy without going overboard. Trying.

My eating habits are in need of adjustment. It seems like only yesterday that I had totally sworn off store-bought junk food. I kept to that for over a year and then slipped back into familiar patterns. Well, I'm back on the wagon. I know, you aren't going to cry for the 5 or 6 pounds that I am irritated with. I understand, and I'll thank you to keep your comments from reflecting on the nature of my neurosis. That's just how I am about this stuff.

Here is something you can feel good about. My computer usage isn't at its healthiest. I'm going to try and back off a bit. A few days back I found myself pressing the "stumble upon" button 30 times or more without even looking at the pages. Nothing was interesting me, but I found it hard to stop. As I always reflect at such times, "it's a damn good thing that I don't drink." I'm prone to excess. I like the time I spend on the blogs (at least it hints at interaction with other humans) and I shall try to keep that up, but I plan to be more electronically scarce the rest of the time.

I was talking to Wendy about it and I guess it comes down to being purposeful. It feels like I am just killing time waiting for the winter to end. Not the greatest plan in February on the prairies! I'm sure it was no surprise that QNY falls in the spring. I know that I am not along in my feelings of bored depression. Hope the rest of you are making out all right.