Friday, February 10, 2006

Qwednesday Poker Night

Sounds like an official sanctioned event. Perhaps it will even happen again. Here is the scoop. I've been wracking my brains trying to come up with activities that meet several criteria:
  1. fun
  2. "questy" - you figure that out!
  3. allow for coffee AND conversation
  4. inexpensive
  5. group oriented
Despite its current popularity, poker still meets them all, so there we are. All I needed to have a successful event was to find cards, poker chips, and willing participants.

Dave showed up at my door at the stroke of 8 -- perfect! Looking a bit cold, but claiming the health benefits were worth it. Vin came before we were barely started our first cup of Organic Mexican Dark Roast Coffee. We had just discussed the merits of variations of the game and decided on the current darling of the poker world, Texas Hold 'em, when James arrived. We each took a dollars worth of change and the game began.

I soon decided we needed fresh chocolate chip cookies. The daycare and I had made some dough earlier that day and frozen most of it. Mmmmmm. To bad you weren't here. In this photo, James isn't smiling because of the freshly baked cookies. He knew something we didn't. He had to leave early and it made him really aggressive with his betting. Probably a good thing since the Questers are so reserved (ha!). After doing quite well in the first few rounds, James promptly handed over his entire stash of cash to Dave in one crazy round of betting.

Let us say that before James left one of us wasn't doing so well. Once Dave had double the cash of Vin or I, a miracle was called for. There was a fair bit of trash talkin' and some blatant attempts by Dave to cheat, though I'm still not quite sure how he was doing it...

In the end, I think it was my lucky button that came to the rescue. We were using a button to track the progression of dealers (standard practice I hear), but I added a little house rule. Having a large and fun selection of buttons, each of us chose a favorite and for the price of an extra ante on the hand, you could have the honour of your button sitting on the table. Double if you wanted to change it back in the same deal. We spent a fair chunk of change making each other deal with our own special button intimidating the others. Vin's button unfortunately does not appear hear, which is fair since it rarely made it to the card table either.

I walked away with all the loot in the end. Next time Dave plans to prove to me how things would have been different if he hadn't been soooo concerned about Vin getting bored after falling out of the game. It's nice that there are philanthropists like DG Aschim out there. Thanks Dave.