Monday, February 27, 2006

The Action That I Forgot... tell you about.

STM is having some sort of medieval feast this weekend. It is on Saturday evening. Anyway a friend of mine called to invite me to be a knight/betrayer as part of the live entertainment. I get to be a disenfranchised knight who raises a barbarian hoard and attacks his former comrades during their feasting.

It sounds like a great concept and I have been enjoying the huge fight scene (involving home-made swords, no less) that we have been choreographing. I am, however, somewhat afraid that it is going to come off as really amateurish. Brennan and Felipe are great guys and seem to be working their tails off to make it happen. I think it is just too big a project for what I'm guessing is their first major organizational extravaganza.

Case in point: I have yet to commune with the sword that I am to be using. It will reportedly be very heavy and I think it is fair to say that I need to practice with it so as to not desanguinate any of the other participants. Not to sound whiney, but I have also been told that I am to have lines to speak. At our last encounter this was confirmed, but Brennan just wasn't exactly sure yet what those lines might be. Five days to go... and probably two rehearsals. Hmmmm.

I tried to get some pictures for you, but every time I set it on 'auto' someone would bump it or stand in front or, (you [don't] get the picture)

Oh yeah, Wendy is leaving town for three days W Th F and so looks like people need to come to my place if they want to see me -- assuming that I won't be rehearsing.