Monday, May 10, 2010

Mood Chasing

I can't say much for the weather lately. Or, maybe I will. At least it stopped raining long enough on Saturday for us to get a chance to burn our Christmas tree.

While the endless cloud cover may make Vin happy as a... er... sun-hating clam, it doesn't do much to improve my mood. Oh, I get out in the weather and enjoy myself. Just last night I went for a 10km in my 5-fingers out in the pouring rain. Even there I was thwarted (by asbestos, no less). But, the twinkle in my eye lasts exactly as long as the physical activity. One thing I can say is that with just a few breaks in the endless grey, I can get to see a lot of my favorite colour -- at the right time of day.

Leora was away at a friend's birthday/sleepover (the second in two weeks) so Wen and I decided to go to a movie with Anwyn to help alleviate the sting of boredom. The clouds had been flirting back-and-forth with blue sky all day and I knew there was going to be a great sunset. We saw How to Train Your Dragon(rottentomatoes). The user and RT ratings were ridiculously high, but it was O.K. anyway. Predictable, but fun. Mind, I didn't get to see it in 3-D. As luck (and the earth's rotation) would have it, the sun was sitting right on top of the horizon just as we were leaving the theatre at the Centre mall. It was that perfect orange ball that I crave.

We raced home with all speed. Wendy nearly flung our cameras out the door, so great was our haste. Anwyn and I flew up to the top of Diefenbaker hill to try and catch the last few rays as the sun set...

We will have to plan a bit more in advance next time. No sun, but at least we got some spectacular colour out of the clouds.