Friday, May 14, 2010

Combination Solar/Aeolian Dryer

Even when what's old is new I'm still behind the times. I watched a news piece on CBC a couple of years ago which talked about how clothes lines (and the installation there of) were booming. When we moved into our current house--8 years ago, for those counting--there was some existing infrastructure for having a clothes line, but it was incomplete and with me running the dayhome at the time it didn't seem like the most attractive idea on the planet. I took the pulleys and used them on the play structure so the kids could haul water, bricks and their lunches up to the top of the fort.

only the finest materials
Yesterday, with some deck screws, concrete, an auger, a little new lumber and the existing pulleys--stolen back from the fort--I built the family a state of the art clothes dryer. I just need to paint some fancy alpha-numeric. I'm thinking of "Z-3000" or something to jazz it up.

Location, location...
It's highly customized, as you can see. This model coms standard with an "on at dawn, off at dusk" lighting system. Unlike the standard deck-side-loading model, this one uses a high-altitude, rear-gate location with loading dock built using ultramodern pressure treated lumber and the finest matching deck screws. We also went for the optional molded plastic, velcro mounted, CPH (clothes pin holder). I didn't go for the extended warranty because I think the fine materials and high quality of the installation would make it a poor investment. It's a gamble, but I've always been a risk-taker.
Sunny Day Solar 'Decal' was thrown in for Freeee.
If you are interested in the consistency of the concrete I mixed, or a picture of my drill, go here.