Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Qe18 - Coffee event

I told you I was somewhat miserable this week. One of the reasons being that I had accepted a mission last QNY and as of 9pm on the 16th, I had not completed it. I was certain that I didn't have the time or resources to manage the job. Another failed project to add to the list. Not really what I was hoping for. I think I'm growing a beard to compensate for my failures as a person.

Fortunately I have a Quest cheering section all for my very own. Wen talked me through some ideas and, eventually, I became convinced that there was still time to do something. The something that I am talking about was the box/chest that I was elected to manufacture last year in the hopes of storing a "Quest Fund" of sorts. My revised plan was to spend all day on the 17th purchasing materials and constructing this receptacle. Word must have been leaked to my enemies, because a virus with an agenda (perhaps doing the bidding of old "Rust") infected Leora as she slept soundly two days ago. That made it considerably more difficult to accomplish my goal. In the end, however, I was successful.

I completed construction at 7pm and promptly headed for the Tim's on Cumberland and 8th. I threw down my coffee credit card and the rest of the night was 'on me.' The usual people were there. Vin and the Dr had eaten supper there and Geof showed up sometime between 6 & 7pm. Sadly, I missed seeing Jan and 'Telle, as they were only there for a short time. James taught a late music lesson, arriving shortly after 8pm. The conversation ranged from current local and national events to our picks for greatest sci-fi movies of all time. I threw in my latest ruminations about how to continue to make questing relevant to our present, and, of course, we always present our favourite books of the year. for each other to read.
I find it a useful exercise. Not only do I get to read good books that have been vetted by people I respect, but it ensures a common experience -- valuable when we see so little of each other during the year.

James recorded some of our conversation on his mini-disk. Hopefully, there will be a link to add to this section if and when he posts his material. Another contribution he often makes to the celebration is to bring some interesting candy offering. This year his selection was particularly inspired.

The conversation was wide-ranging and will not be in any sense transcribed here. Although, I think there was one girl taking notes of our discussion. You'd have to contact her directly... My only disappointments were that we didn't discuss last years books and the dubious tradition of making new-year's resolutions was wholly abandoned by all. Considering the Dr's admission that last year he swore off tobacco and is currently at 360 days of abstinence, I owe it to him to resolve... something. That will have to wait or I will never make this post.

At the end of the night, Vin elected to be the first of us to take the box home for the year. It will be his responsibility to guard its treasures and to further customize its appearance.
I took several more pictures during the evening. The curious or bored may click on the picture below to see (or download) the Picassa album.
Qe18 - Full album HERE