Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Info Dump

My sister-in-law, Teela, came to visit recently and with her came a marvelous young child. You will all be jealous to know that his name is Merlin! If you can't make up your own name, at least use one with a bit of flash. Anyway, it was a terrific visit. Merlin is nearly 8 months and loves to wake up early in the morning. Since he was visiting over reading week (when we might have been tempted to sleep in), it was kind of him to make sure that no one in our house frittered away a moment of the day. Merlin's favorite activities seem to include eating when someone other than his mother is feeding him and sleeping when someone other than his mother is holding him. If he had one wish it would be for world peace (and he looks dynamite in a one piece swimsuit, too).

During an overlapping interval, Greta came to visit along with her new boyfriend, Anthony. They are buying a house together, but it's way too early to talk about marriage. With all four of the sisters in town, it was very loud. Did I mention that it was my week off?

Anthony was kind enough to bring a couple of oak practice swords and teach me the most rudimentary basics of Iaido (wikipedia), which is all about the drawing of the sword. Sadly I was too enthralled to think of getting some pictures. We didn't really have enough warm weather to spend much time on it, but I hope he will bring his weapons again in the summer months.

On the most beautiful of days we had planned a skiing trip. I have never been downhill skiing before and it was quite a thrilling experience. The Jr Questers were quite timid at first, but soon were whizzing down the slopes of Table Mountain at top speeds.
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And here is a bit of video commemorating the event...

In other news, Leora and I are proud to have been cast in Saskatoon Summer Players production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. Leora asks me nearly everyday when our first rehearsal will be. It is still a couple off weeks off, I suspect. I have been cast in a couple of supporting roles (not sure how involved they are yet) and Leora will play a young girl as well as a mouse. We will be performing in the new Persephone Theatre starting at the end of June, and no, just because we are in such a great theatre does not mean we get paid ( I've fielded the question several times already).

And that's all I have to say about that!