Wednesday, March 05, 2008

@#$%ing Fathers

Sister moon will be my guide
In your blue blue shadows I would hide
All good people asleep tonight
I'm all by myself in your silver light
I would gaze at your face the whole night through
I'd go out of my mind but for you

Lying in a mother's arms
The primal root of a woman's charms
I'm a stranger to the sun
My eyes are too weak
How cold is a heart
When it's warmth that he seeks?
You watch every night, you don't care what
I do
I'd go out of my mind, but for you
I'd go out of my mind, but for you

My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun
My hunger for her explains everything I've done
To howl at the moon the whole night through
And they really don't care if I do
I'd go out of my mind, but for you

Sister Moon


The recent lunar eclipse was on a Wednesday. What fortune for me and what a night. I got lousy pictures with my camera, but this is pretty much exactly what it looked like.

Kyro invited the Diakuw boys out to his ranch to watch the Blu-Ray DVD of Bladerunner - The Final Cut. The digitally remastered footage was stunning. Close to the 42" screen, in 1080p resolution, it looked so much sharper than I had ever imagined. As we watched Deckard,-- a goddamn one man slaughterhouse -- inside, outside the Earth's shadow slowly vivisected the Moon for our sinister pleasures. We took periodic breaks to revel in our time and watch the death and rebirth of our silent sister.

Watching all the carnage on Kyro's big screen and on the even bigger one outside made me a little twitchy. Nothing that a little 4-player Ghost Recon on the PS3 couldn't cure. We played for an hour -- handily dispatching the vile terrorists and completing our objectives to finish the mission. Nothing that the god of Bio-mechanics wouldn't let us into heaven for.

Weary and sated, I stepped outside. Midnight was sliding past, but the harbinger of this new day would not be the sad and pale Sun that has been skulking, barely above the horizon for the past months, but rather her Nocturnal Other. Furious at being sullied by the Earth, she seemed determined to reclaim her purity. The Moon was BLAZING and full. Stronger than any recollection of evening adventures, her brightness cast striking shadows across the sparkling snow.

If you think my language is too strong or somehow ridiculously romantic... I forgive you. And to those whose eyes shared with mine on that night... Hail! Hail! Hail!