Saturday, April 28, 2007

Daddy Weekend

Just the Q-juniors and dad this weekend. While Ms. Orange breaths deep of the mountain air in Banff, I am being my most indulgent. We slept in a little this morning and took it slow. T1 had a bit of a cough so she road in the trailer all the way there and most of the ride home. T2 was a cycling trooper, per usual, and we set a new record of 30 min. flat to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I had a good visit with the family and then PCarbon and his boys teamed up for some Resistance: the Fall of Man fraggin'.

We stayed until 2pm! It was windy on the ride home so we took the opportunity to stop on campus for a little "rest" and photo op. We spotted a rather large magpie nest (24" TV sized, a.k.a. ~24") and I was induced to do a bit of climbing myself (twisted my arm, they did). You can't tell where I was because T2 likes to be in nice and close with the telephoto :) Curse my Cannon and its 12x zoom.
Daddy Weekend
Hey, this pic is a LINK!
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The only thing I'm sorry to have missed a picture of was the last leg of our journey. I bought slurpees for everyone and then put the kids in my chariot with both of their 12-speed Norco bikes on top (strapped on liberally with bungees). Imagine 20 clowns in a sub-compact auto and you're just about there.

Wen, you may be glad you aren't here. I found a copy of Avril Lavigne's new video "girlfriend" (which Leora had been trying to sing last night, based on Madison's acapella knowledge of the chorus) on youtube and the girls have listened to it an estimated 24 times (about 2hrs over 2 sessions)

You get to hear it at least once! You get the profanity-free version. It will at least prime you for when you get home.

Did I forget to mention that I think we may have pizza for supper.