Thursday, October 12, 2006

Retro Ridiculous

I thought my innocence was lost. Recently, even Bethedasoft's Oblivion has been failing to rouse any interest in my usual frenzied need for videogames. Enter Wednesday night retro-gaming with the Bros. D. Who would have thought that a MAME game with only two colours, that I have never previously played, could have charmed me so?

Ripcord! (

considering how ancient this game is, the gameplay is awesome. There are only about three things you can do: Jump from the plane, move left or right, and ... O.K., two things! It's the feel and look of the game. The free-fall sensation before you pull your ripcord (oh, yeah, that's three) is terrific. I could almost feel the wind rushing past my monochrome face. A must play!

1979, no less.

Curious? Here is the ***WARNING .pdf ICKY*** original arcade manual ***WARNING*** for the game. Cool instructions on dip switches and soundboards.

Any of you people have a notable or favorite two-tone game?