Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer is Dying Fast

Quite a few exciting things have been happening...

James and I, with the help of David and Matthew gutted Jim's PS2 in an attempt to add a mod-chip allowing him to play games of Asian origin. The theory sounded simple enough, but when it came time to do the soldering -- wow! We manged the 15 solders to the chip just fine, but on the motherboard was entirely different. I guess we needed specialized tools because the places we were expected to solder to were about 5 times smaller than I could imagine doing with our tools. We have enlisted help and I will let you know how it turns out.

I've been painting the trim on our house. Fans may notice that the "Bunisher", courtesey Brad Sawatzky, is helping out.Almost, but not quite, done. The rain has put a halt to production. Fortunately, I managed to get the front door done. I'm insanely pleased with it. Those of you who don't remember the boring and offensive original can be reminded here. I think the black and silver hammered finnish look smart and sexy. The Bunisher agrees.