Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Musical Tuesday

So, we are already ahead of schedule on our quest to watch the run of Firefly before the movie comes out at the end of the month. I took that as a cue to do something a bit different this week.

I was feeling guilty that I hadn't managed to go listen to Kyro at his doo a few weeks back. The least I could do is listen to some of what makes his world go round. What a treat! Kyro, that is some great stuff. I enjoyed them all quite well, but particularly "Stream of Consciousness". Please keep us informed of your next chance to perform. I will try a bit harder to attend.

After making Vin listen to the afore mentioned tracks, we spun a few old AMIGA tunes: Blood Money, Shadow of the Beast, and Cannon Fodder are among my favorites. They are .mod files and you will need an Amiga, or failing that, winamp, or something akin to listen to them. I showed him a few ancient family pics that I have been editing for our grandmother, including this great one of my Dad and his owl. Farley Mowat, eat your heart out! That lead to a discussion about vanity and peoples obsessions with photographs and a rant from Vin about the internet making things too easy for people. Like the Greeks of old, Vin yearned for Agon, or The Struggle, to make his life worth while.

Hot coffee was needed and after heading back upstairs, we watched a single episode of FF-- Ariel, before calling it an early night at a paltry 10:05pm. If you were here, I'm sure we would have stayed up much later and had a terrific conversation.