Saturday, March 19, 2005

Vin has been looking to change up his coffee experience. Always a good thing. I have a mortar and pestle (like this only green). Dave had time to sit and watch. Shazam in about 5 minutes I had ground up 8 beans into fine powder and added the boiling water right to the mortar. Amazing. And like most other things worth doing, the work is it's own reward. It was especially nice that not only did I know exactly how many beans it took to make a good cup, but I had consumed the entire bean. None of this filtering and discarding the mangled carcass to rot.

After trying his hand at grinding, Vin suggested that maybe there were more elegant ways to do it. As per our new year's discussion, I believe it is safe to say that we should substitute 'easier' for 'more elegant.' I suppose he either meant this , this, or this.