Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Too much driving

kudos to the Dr. for calling me up. I celebrate the first unsolicited call from you in recent memory! We met at the roastery on Broadway. Topics for discussion included: what to do with a blog, and the nature (or lack of) intelligence.

keep your fingers crossed for Dave's take on intelligence on his blog.

I shared my feelings about House of Leaves. Specifically, that it has been at least as much fun to describe my reading of it as it is to actually read.

James is still sick,but was good enough to call me at the Roastery and invite me over for a brief chat. Possible highlights... seeing Matthew's TMNT Lego and disussing the difficulty in watching your children do something you deem as incorrect.

Drove to vin's and had popcorn while watching THE APPRENTICE. I hope and pray that the 2-hr episodes of AMAZING RACE will end for a while.