Friday, February 21, 2014

San Francisco 2014 -- Day 5 (Last Day)

Pretty hard to get this photo wrong
Up before sunrise again. Even though there is only a two hour difference between Saskatchewan and California, neither of us has managed to adjust. Wendy wants to try and sleep in, so I am going to head to the Golden Gate Bridge. I think I can catch the sunrise.
SF skyline at sunrise
Not Alcatraz
I missed my first bus, but when I arrived, this is what the SF skyline looked like. Alcatraz is beside my pinky. To the right of the awesomely giant cable, you can make out bits of the Bay bridge and then... the other stuff. At this point I'm about 1/3 of the way across. There were no other pedestrians at 7am, but there were plenty of cyclists. Every couple of minutes, I was passed at high speed by a flight of whizzing spandex.
At the far side I managed to find a way to walk under the bridge. Their security is a bit more forceful than under the Broadway Bridge at home. The razor wire did, in fact, deter me (the shame).
Mario's Dream. Girders as far as the eye can see.
Had I dared the injury or found my way past the chain link, this is where I could have played.
When we determined to come to San Francisco I was excited to photograph the bridge. I didn't really realize that during a sunrise there is actually NO WAY to take a bad picture of it. I deleted lots of good photos just so I wouldn't have too many to edit.

After running back across the bridge I was waiting for the bus. I got a robot phone call on my phone telling me that one of my flights for my trip home was cancelled. Yeah.

FUCK! Really?

Right. So, Wendy was... annoyed. Cataclysmically.

Spidey in SF
How high will it take to distract her...?
This time it was a weather delay in Minneapolis and because we had pushed back our vacation by a day due to Day Zero's malfunction, Wendy was now going to miss giving an important presentation at work. The perception that she was extending her vacation combined with letting her co-workers down was almost unbearable for her. After it was clear that we were not getting home today, I did the best thing I know to help Wendy relax. We went for a walk in the park and I jumped around and climbed things to distract her :)

We managed to make a relaxing afternoon of it and are booked to leave tomorrow.

I'm not holding my breath. Still haven't been along Lombard Street...

Seriously, I think that will be it. Here is the final photo share(242 photos in all). I hope that's it. Thanks for coming on this journey.