Wednesday, February 19, 2014

San Francisco 2014 -- Day 3

Lots of these strange things in SF???
Went for a run this morning. I've had my eye on the Twin Peaks since I got here. According to my GPS, it is only 2.2 miles from where we are staying--Oh yeah, stupid Google decided that since I came to the US, I must now want all my measurement in imperial--anyway, I thought I would give it a try. I mentioned this to our hosts, Jorge and Nico, and they seemed to think it was a little odd.

It was only 240m worth of ascent, but I found it quite difficult. The grade on these SF streets is really something else. Had you ever heard that? It was pretty grueling work, but the view was totally worth it. Wendy suggested that I not take my phone while scrabbling up the slope so you will have to make due with an iPhone panorama. Sigh.
View From Twin Peaks -- Stupid iPhone :(
We spent most of today at Fisherman's Wharf and specifically on pier 39. We saw a pretty lame aquarium and went on a cool boat tour of the bay. My legs were really killing me by the time we got home.
They have this bridge here--you might have heard of it.
Alcatraz with the Bay Bridge misty in the background.
We aren't doing an Alcatraz tour, but I would love to do these steps... well, maybe not today :)
When we got off the boat, we did some shopping and had supper. It was Wendy's turn for a treat, so we found a highly rated crab place. She indulged in some amazing seafood (thanks +Djaii Pepper-Martens) and I had fries. We were both happy. Especially because I loved the dozens of ridiculous looking crabs lining the walls of the dining room.
When we brushed our teeth for bed at 9pm, our hosts commented that we seemed to go to bed pretty early. Wendy mentioned that I had done the Twin Peaks run in the morning before they awoke. That shut them up :)