Tuesday, February 18, 2014

San Francisco 2014 -- Day 2

Really, it is the first day that we will do anything other than land in a plane and take a cab to our accommodations.
This is where we are staying for about $160/night

There is a deep, wooden hot tub out here!
Speaking of which the cab driver was really interesting. We think he was slightly autistic or a high functioning skitzophrenic. When we said we were from Canada we didn't get to speak for 10 minutes. He was older, with white hair and reminded me of a cross between Donald Sutherland and Matt Frewer. Anyway, he launched into a dialogue starting with Tommy Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland and meandering through a bunch of tangents winding up with Tommy D. once again. Not the safest cab driver, but he got us to destination.
An Embarrassment of Riches

Day 2 -- Walking with J.P-M.

We got up before sunrise. San Francisco is two hours behind us right now so we were sure to have plenty of daylight. We walked around the neighbourhood that we are staying in and had coffee/hot chocolate and bagels with phenomenal amounts of cream cheese. Wendy had so much that she gave me the surplus and still had more than she was comfortable with.

The city is phenomenal. I have instantly fallen in love with it. And clearly, I'm not the first one. It is quirky, beautiful, quirky, cool, and oddly serene. I quickly developed whiplash from turning to photograph every astounding/ridiculous thing that I encountered. Being here makes Wendy and I feel so small town, the way it felt moving from Meadow Lake back to Saskatoon.

SF is unbelieveable -- Two Blocks from our B&B at Sunrise
The rest of our day was spent walking to and within Golden Gate Park. Unbeknownst to us, it was President's Day, so a few things in the park were closed, but the two big attractions that we were interested in were still open (and super busy).
Conservatory -- Closed. Hope we get back.
We met Jay after lunch and he helped us navigate to the best parts of the California Academy of Sciences. Wendy appreciated the efficiency and conversation that Jay was equipped with and I appreciated the easy access to frogs and bugs. I will only post a couple of favs ;)
It's orange AND it's a frog!!! About the size of my thumbnail

Cuttlefish or Cthulu? You're guess...

This is the Science Center as seen from an observation tower in the de Young Museum
100+ and counting photos... HERE