Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Winter Update 2012

I've got a lot to cover here. Let's get right to it.

One thing has dominated how our family has operated for the past 2 months. Leora's show. When last we talked spoke (for more than an instant) Leora had begun rehearsals for The Sound of Music. We knew it was going to be a stretch for her and the family. Boy, were we right. On paper, we went into the commitment with our eyes fully open. Persephone was upfront and correct about the time required. It still didn't prepare us for how draining it would be on the family.

The last couple of weeks of rehearsals were 12 hour days with a break in the middle. I would drop her off at the Ramai Arts Bldg., pick her up during a supper break, take her back to the theatre and pick her up at the end of the day. Factoring in waiting around etc... it worked out to about 90 min/day of driving/waiting. Leo missed several days of school. Then the performances actually began. She did 8 shows per week from Tuesday to Sunday. She got Monday off, which is to say that she only went to school and did homework. Her friends began observing that she wasn't quite as fun as usual. I'll second that!

Did not take this photo. Wendy would not let me bring my camera :(
Anwyn continued to work on her basketball skills and began to lament what it must be like for her cousin January to be an only child. She and Leora are so close. It really hit her hard to have her constant companion gone. Anwyn maintained better balance than the rest of us during this time. For her, Leora's absence actually meant more time for herself, so although she was lonely, she wasn't over worked. She has been  very busy doing math and, writing/editing with some of her new ACTAL classmates at Greystone.

Meanwhile, Wendy has had her work load doubled up and the people she works with have been wound as tight as a drum. Trying to divest herself of responsibilities inevitably caused more work for those around her. This is still an ongoing problem, but she is now getting some recognition and support from her supervisors.

As I told some of you, Wendy was also honoured to receive the Governor General's Caring Canadian Award. She was nominated for her years of volunteerism with Sask. Debate and Drama Associations.

In typical Wendy style, she managed to evade G.G. David Johnston when he was in Regina. Not savvy to the ways of politicians seeking photo ops, she didn't anticipate that he would send the Lieutenant Governor, Vaughn Solomon Schofield, to hunt her down to complete the presentation.

I was busy in November growing facial hair for an entire month. It was exhausting and itchy. Well, itchy anyway. I did cheat and shave early because I was asked to read books to a group of children as part of a CUPE commercial. The unenlightened in charge of the shoot thought it best if I didn't do my best pedophile impression while asking for community support. Whatever.

At the same time, Jim Drake has offered to give me some lessons in pencil drawing. In the limited time I have available I have made an effort to improve (whatever that means). Other than $50 in pencils and paper, I'm not sure what I'm accomplishing... but, it's more fun to do than I would have thought.

Now for some quick photo highlights from Christmas.

Pre-Christmas Pool

Christmas Eve

We had a great meal at James and Jamie's. Liz and I took the kids out for our usual lights tour (Wendy was sick this year). Liz paid for us to stop by the Lights Tour at the Forestry Farm.
Diakuw/James children FINALLY learn to do Christmas dishes :)

Our Christmas Day at Home

We relaxed and opened presents by ourselves.
Obligatory Christmas Socks
One of Wendy's presents... Random mirrors!
My Girls!!!
Anwyn quickly masters the "flip and spin"
I'm worrying less about teenage boys now

Boxing day with the Pollards

As usual we played Canasta, board games and ate lots of leftovers.
I goad the children into having some fun
Strange new game "casualties"
All the "Under 18's"... Absent Molly and January
Photos Here