Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Pretty grand title for a post. I guess I'm feeling pretty grand.
speaking of thousands... I ran into Mathemagic yesterday on G+ (which still not enough of you are using) via Keentalks. It's an hour long, so most of you are not likely to have time to enjoy it right away, if ever. The first 20 minutes are a math "magic" act. The last 40 minutes is a Q&A session (and very limited sales pitch) about how he does his thing.

I found it really inspiring. Spent the last half of my day being sighed at by my family as I ran through the house pointing at people and shouting "Give me a two digit number," and then wrinkled up my forehead, muttering to myself. This was followed with an answer and some kind and a disclaimer. "3364! I don't know if that's right, but I want applause... right now."

If you want to learn how, here is a description of the easy way to square any 2 digit number starting at 25:46 in the video. Trust me. It's fun.

A few other highlights that you won't want to miss:

Okay, more. +Elan Morgan has been writing poetry on her blog. I read one in her Schmoetry section and it inspired me to take a picture, which lead to my own depressing work of art
You are welcome for that.

This has inspired me all week.
Wendy made me a reading nook. Happiness.
Today's blog is a heads up. Our whole family is feeling better. We were in pretty rough shape over Christmas and I feel badly about it. If comfy couches, math and bad poetry don't make you feel better, I certainly don't know what will.