Monday, January 14, 2013

ShapelockTripod Redux

Normally I prefer not to follow through and, if I do, I like to make sure it isn't in any timely manner. Nobody is perfect. I've been off work during the last week. Too much time on my hands means more creating and blog posting.

Here is the set up for my creative process. You can see the 1st generation of the tripod mount in action--on top of a jar of whole wheat spaghetti. My iPhone 5 was mounted there while recording the video below.
The setup
Like me, this video isn't for everyone. It will likely be very boring. However, if you would like to see 12 minutes or less on how easy Shapelock is to use (no I don't own stock) or just how I go about doing one of my DIYs, this is the video for you. I will also accept "loves the soothing sound of Mike's voice" :)

I'll put a few highlights for casual observers:

messy counter - highlighting the filthy perils of not using a tripod
prototype "soother keeper"
I'm going back in time today. Below is a collection of Shapelock goodies from the past. In an attempt to make things easier to find, I am also adding the label/tag "maker" to any of my DIY, modding and fabrication type postings.
Also, for your dilection, I have combined all my shapelock photos into a single photo album including the one on the left (beard added to protect the innocent).

**for Dave and others who may have trouble commenting on posts. the executive summary is: log into blogger 1st or don't use desktop Safari (based on the very limited testing below).

I'm sure there are too many ways things could go wrong for me to count. I did some exploratory testing this morning. I tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I only had trouble posting in Safari (mobile worked, desktop did not), but this was remedied if I logged into blogger before trying to comment. I didn't try Internet Explorer, because I don't have it. It's not an exhaustive attempt, but don't say I never did anything for you.