Thursday, August 09, 2012

What happened to the end of your holiday?

Well... things have been crazy busy since we got back. Now that I can think again, let's do a quick recap of the end of the holiday.

Teela, Peff, Merlin and Viola were very good to all of us. We ate wonderful food and endured extreme heat.

One of the things that we all enjoyed was a trip to a local kids' discovery centre. We had all sorts of fun blowing bubbles, testing our vertical jumping ability and testing various laws of physics. My favourite was a series of controls that operated a small crane. Wendy and I had some trouble sharing with the other visitors and spent an enormous amount of time trying to create various structures out of the supplied material. In this picture, you can see me refusing to yield the controls to a 4 year old girl.
Play Nice
Anyhow, when it finally came time to leave Indiana, we decided to bee-line for home. We drove to Minneapolis the first day and stayed at an awesome hotel.

Part way through the next day, we arrived at the border. Now, on the way south, a US guard had threatened to charge us $300 for the sad, solitary orange we had forgotten to eat and were threatening to accidentally smuggle into their fine country. Our car was searched (briefly). I tried to lighten the mood with some humour. There was no smiling. On the way back into Canada, there was no search of our vehicle and the border official was quite friendly. He even suggested that Wendy might want to sign her passport -- but really, no rush. The difference was quite striking.

As Wendy read extensively from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time saga, we drove, uneventfully, all the way back to Saskatoon, arriving well after dark.

The End