Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back Handsprings

Anwyn with an awesome Spread Eagle (working on knees and toe pointing)
Leo's are better than mine. Happy/Sad at the same time.
Just a quick note. I'm pretty excited this morning. My family has had the use of Liz's trampoline (in exchange for our swings) for the last 3 weeks. This coincided very nicely with the enthusiasm I have for exercise when the Olympics are on and lead to many hours of getting over my adult onset dizziness :(

I remembered with a certain fondness performing crazy teenage antics on David Rabuka's trampoline when I was in high-school, back in P.A. Some tricks --the ones involving serious core strength-- have given me some trouble, but back and forward tucks, pikes and layouts came back to me very easily... except for wanting to violently eject my breakfast after 5 minutes.

Back handsprings, on the other hand, have given me a lot of difficulty for 18 years --ever since I spent a week loading box-cars up with 100lb bags of lentils. Back injury! I was still able to do them, but I developed a nasty 1/4 twist. Anyway, the trampoline has given me a safe(ish) place to practice a bit, and I am proud to report my first (nearly) perfect BHSs on my back lawn. I don't have a picture or video yet, so you will have to settle for an almost back layout (pikeout?) on the trampoline.

Gold medals can be forwarded to my house on Clarence Ave.
Anwyn, thanks for your help with the photography. I may try to do this with a timer and my Gorilla Pod, but this was way easier.