Tuesday, March 20, 2012


A long time ago, Wendy and I came up with an axiom of our relationship. I'm sure it's been "discovered" countless times throughout history.
  • The thing you most hate the most is the thing you love the most. Ben would probably add, "from a certain point of view."

We have seen this countless times during the course of our marriage.

Wait! Don't go. This actually isn't another boring post about my relationships ;) No, really, it's not. I was just thinking that the same can be said for the weather. We had a minor ice storm last night. It made driving frustrating and dangerous, it made shovelling snow difficult and it made cleaning my windshield this morning near impossible. If I had remembered the relationship axiom (and remembered that it applied to weather as well), I would have brought my camera with me as I drove my kids to school.

Serves me right :)

I had been on the road for all of 2 minutes when I sensed my error and whined to Leora about it for the entire car ride. I know how fickle the light and the weather can be. I may have missed the best of the light by the time I got my camera, but I still managed some splendid nature photos.
Ice was covering more than just the road and my windshield and with a sun still low on the horizon, it gave a wonderful icy glow to the trees.
This tree appears to be decked out with Christmas Lights.
And, as you are now my captive audience, I force you to indulge my obsession with orange. Muwahaahaa :o
If I had been out a half hour sooner (remember your camera idiot) the sun would have been directly over the train bridge.
Campus was also quite lovely. I'm really glad that all the construction equipment and fencing is finally out of The Bowl.

The rest of the photos can be viewed here.