Thursday, March 08, 2012

Scrabble Tournament

James and I went to the Murray building yesterday to watch a frenzied feast for the brain -- a charity fundraiser for literacy. There is nothing more sexy than a bunch of 20-80 year olds spelling under the searing pressure of their uber competitive peers.

The library entered a team. After watching from behind my camera for a few minutes I totally wished I had signed up.

There is an explanation of how to play Speed Scrabble AND... if you are interested, you can find donation links through READ Saskatoon's website

SPLs Team -- Happy before Pulverization :)
Actually, they maintained a pleasant aspect all throughout the drubbing proceedings, which we kept telling ourselves, was in fact, for a good cause.
Stylish costuming was in abundance.
Dressed up as Saskatoon City Counsillors -- How Cute ;)
The award for "Best Dressed" obviously went to this fabulous woman
By the bitter end of several rounds, many words and many "not quite, but I really want it to be a word" were spelled and $6000 dollars and counting was raised.

James found an entry form for a Saskatoon club's tournament in a couple of months. He may not need to try too hard to get me to join his team.

Just this once, I am going to save you from looking at the rest of the photos ;)