Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Diligent Update

It's been awhile. As is my custom, I was beginning an update on what I've been doing lately, when I was inspired to do something else. Go figure. Since you have already, no doubt, noticed the use of an ironic tone and the past tense, I'll be repeating myself to say that the update will wait.

What I did instead...

We finally received a really good dump of snow. I shovelled 3 times during the day and certainly got my requirement for exercise. Some people obviously gave up under the pressure of even a mild winter some time ago.

While I was out an about, I heard the hum of heavy machinery and was nearly run down by some snow removal equipment.

I thought of Eric and Anthony right away. I was only 40 giant snowy steps from their house at that moment. Then I thought of Greta's comment about Max liking my demolition pictures 6 weeks ago. I also happen to know that Merlin is in a heavy 'car' phase. My feeling was, I could be the perfect uncle, if only I could continue to bring my nieces and nephews photos of these mechanical delights. That and the idea of having to be so close to these machines that I risked getting covered up by their massive piles of chunky snow was more than I could bare. By the way, Matt and Jan, I don't want you to feel left out. If heavy machinery is your thing (and I just haven't noticed) just say the word ;)

I raced to my camera equipment and hoped, as I set up for the shot, that I was right about where they were about to begin plowing Clarence Ave. I waited. After 5 minutes of waiting, I went hunting around the neighbourhood to discover that they had decided to go on a coffee break before starting. However, I was now certain, based on their parking location, that they were indeed about to plow in the correct direction. Here we can pause briefly while you marvel at my very advanced powers of deduction and to what uses I put them :)

Finally, I could see them coming down the road. I got some nice shots, but I had gotten distracted and raced to be in position. I wasn't certain that I had got The Shot.

So, I hopped in my van and flew down the snowy side-streets until I was ahead of the plows again and shot a second round. I was pleased to see the double-takes of two of the three operators.

Clarence is a long street, I thought to myself. So I jumped back in the van and got ahead of them for the third time -- Yes, this is really how I spent my afternoon. I'm sorry for those of you who had to work.
Anyhow, I switched lenses and angles for the third set and I think I got what I was hoping for. I even had time to quickly change my settings and try a little shutter drag, to get an artistic effect and show some motion.
You may be able to make it out in this photo. The driver was giving me a big smile and total "thumbs up" at this point.

There you have it. I changed the name of the album with my previous demolition photos and added these and 8-10 more. Here is the link.